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Cool Roof Coating Systems | The Premiere Authorized Installer of NanoTech Cool Roof Coat

“At Cool Roof Coating Systems, our mission is to lead the way in sustainable roofing solutions.” –-Brett, CEO & Founder

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What Can a Cool Roof Coat Do For You?

Save on Energy Bills

Energy Savings

Benefit from substantial energy savings with our cool roof coating, engineered to significantly decrease HVAC expenses while improving overall efficiency.

Prevent Water Damage

Water Proofing

Ensure superior protection with this waterproof roof coating protecting against water damage and leaks brought on by extreme weather.

Cut CO2 Emissions

Reduce Co2 Emissions

Reduce your carbon footprint significantly using this cool roof coating, which drastically cuts CO2 emissions by maximizing HVAC efficiency.

Introducing Cool Roof Coating Systems

Proud Authorized Installer of NanoTech Materials


What We Do

At Cool Roof Coating Systems, we leverage the cutting-edge technology of NanoTech Material’s Cool Roof Coat to increase the efficiency of our customer’s buildings and effectively shrink their carbon footprint. Lower energy consumption and prolonged roof life help save our customers money and keep roofing waste out of landfills.


Our Approach

Cool Roof Coating Systems evaluates the current state of the roofing system on buildings through thermal testing and digital analysis and aggregates the data to determine the estimated energy cost savings and carbon footprint reduction from the increased thermal efficiency of the coating.


Our Mission

“At Cool Roof Coating Systems, our mission is to lead the way in sustainable roofing solutions. We are dedicated to transforming traditional roofs into energy-efficient and environmentally responsible surfaces. We aim to enhance the longevity of structures while significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints. it’s our pledge to create a cooler, greener future.” – Brett, CEO & Founder

Meet Our Partner: A Leading Innovator in the Roof Coating Market




Leveraging the synergy of Cool Roof Coat’s low thermal conductivity, high emissivity and SRI significantly lowers HVAC energy costs and decreases the carbon footprint of your building.


In addition to an incredibly low thermal conductivity and high emissivity rating, NanoTech’s Cool Roof Coat also has a strong SRI (Solor Reflectance Index) to further prevent the transfer of heat through your roof surface into your building.


Certified to the rigorous testing standards of Miami Dade to provide unmatched durability and withstand the harshest conditions. Applying Cool Roof Coat to your roof delays costly replacement by up to 20 years and helps keep roofing waste out of landfills


NanoTech’s Cool Roof Coat harnesses the power of the insulating ceramic particle to drastically reduce the thermal conductivity of the roof surface. This groundbreaking new technology enhances the insulation capability of your roof surface and significantly reduces heat transfer into your building.

Waterproof & Remediate

NanoTech’s Cool Roof Coat presents a cost-effective alternative to expensive roof replacements. NanoTech’s Miami Dade certification ensures that their coating can stand up to the harshest conditions and is backed by a 10 year material warranty. 

Reduced Energy Bills & Carbon Footprint

Cool Roof Coating Systems can help significantly reduce your energy use by addressing a major building management challenge—the high cost of cooling. A substantial portion of the energy consumption from buildings comes from heating and cooling. By applying NanoTech’s Cool Roof Coat, we not only save building owners money, but also lower CO2 emissions.

High SRI + Insulating Ceramics

Other coatings achieve energy savings exclusively from their Solar Reflectance Index (SRI). Relying solely on SRI for energy savings means that as your roof gets dirty, the coating becomes less energy efficient. NanoTech’s Insulating Ceramic Particle (ICP) which gives their Cool Roof Coat incredibly high emissivity and low thermal conductivity does not rely solely on SRI for energy savings. The end result is a far superior coating that gives unparalleled and lasting energy savings.



Emissivity plays a crucial role in regulating the absorption and release of heat by materials. Certain coatings in our range exhibit impeccable emissivity characteristics.


Reflectivity pertains to a material’s capacity to deflect radiant energy, such as sunlight, from a surface. In insulating coatings, higher reflectivity translates to increased bouncing back of solar energy into the atmosphere, rather than its absorption by the building.

The composite ceramic effectively prevents heat transfer throughout the coating’s thickness. The ceramic composite particle boasts an exceptionally low thermal conductivity, ensuring effective heat prevention.
What is the ICP Thermal Conductivity?

The Insulating Ceramic Particle (ICP) developed by NanoTech features an impressively low k-value of 0.012 watts per meter kelvin, rendering it exceptionally efficient at minimizing heat transfer. This minimal thermal conductivity, when integrated into building materials or resins, substantially improves insulation. While maintaining a low k-value within the matrix it’s embedded in, it notably enhances overall insulation capabilities.

What is the Makeup of the ICP?

ICP, despite being lightweight and porous, maintains robustness, making it ideal for diverse building materials without compromising structural strength. Unlike aerogels, known for their fragility due to high porosity, ICP remains resilient and isn’t prone to damage. Its customizable density and porosity allow tailored use, unlike aerogels that, due to brittleness, demand careful handling, limiting their practical applications during installation and use.

Can the ICP be Formulated Into Other Building Materials?

The amount of ICP incorporated into the resin or building material can be adjusted, enabling customized performance across various applications. Some examples of these applications include paints, silicones, acrylics, cement-based materials, epoxies, and more.

How Does It Increase Emissivity?

Beyond its insulating traits, ICP augments the emissivity of integrated materials, facilitating efficient emission of absorbed heat. Higher emissivity enables materials to effectively radiate the heat they absorb. When integrated with ICP, materials can release more of the heat acquired from sources like sunlight or internal building heat. This enhanced emission aids in lowering surface temperature, especially beneficial in applications such as roofing where minimizing heat absorption is crucial.

How Does It Enhance Material Efficiency?

Through the fusion of reduced thermal conductivity and enhanced emissivity, ICP significantly elevates the overall thermal efficiency of building materials, resulting in energy savings and a diminished carbon footprint.

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